Copyright Infringement = Stealing!!!

Yes guys.

Copyright infringement is considered stealing. Would you steal money from a bank? Would you steal candy from a store? Would you plagiarize someone’s work for your final term paper? Would you copy someone else’s picture and say it was your own?

Any one of these things can be considered wrong and you can be punished by the law.

The moment a photographer takes an image, the copyright is established; the image ‘belongs’ to the photographer.

A photographer can choose to also register their images at their national copyright office (which I do). The process is fairly simple and only costs $35 each time you submit a copyright application. You can choose to submit 1 image in the application and it would cost you $35 or you could submit 900 images and it would cost you the same $35. The advantage of doing this is quite substantial and I advise all serious photographers to go out and get their images properly copyrighted.

When an image not submitted to the copyright office falls victim to copyright infringement, you can get a couple of hundred dollars, maybe $1000 after suing the violator; in certain cases, this is hardly worth a lawyer’s time. However, an image submitted to the copyright office can mean protection up to $100,000! This means, better protection for you, and better and more interested lawyers working for your case. So, $35 really isn’t that much considering.

Plus, it’s a really terrible feeling to have your images stolen and not being able to do anything about it. Trust me. I know from first hand experience.

If you post your images online, people can easily steal it; whether it’s right-clicking and clicking ‘save-as’, dragging the image to their desktop, cropping, or even taking a screenshot, people always find a way.

The only way you can avoid this is by using watermarks. As you can see from all of my images, they are all watermarked. From images that I use for my blog, I usually just put a subtle copyright png on the lower right corner. For pictures that I have put up for sale, I put the copyright in the center of the image, ensuring that even if someone screenshots the page and chooses to crop out my watermark, the resulting image is unusable.

Here is one of my most loved images. This is the first time I have uploaded it online.

This is me being paranoid:

Be extra cautious when uploading images onto the internet. Take the necessary precautions to protect your images. Watermark your images the way I do! 😛

And don’t forget that using someone’s pictures is considered stealing!


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