Don’t waste time deleting images on-camera.

A blurry picture is better than no picture at all! Don’t forget that!

Out of Focus

Well, maybe not this picture! haha. You can almost not tell that it’s me 😛

Slightly Out of Focus

This picture, although out of focus, is a snapshot of a moment in history. Having this out of focus picture is better than having nothing at all. With digital memory so cheap nowadays (especially when compared to film), don’t delete until you’ve reviewed all your images on a computer screen!

This relates to not only out of focus shots, but images that exhibit camera shake, motion blur, too much noise or grain, too wide of a shot, too tight of a crop, blown out highlights (too bright), images that are underexposed, or anything else along those lines. Sometimes, those shots are the only shots you have of remembering that moment.

It’s always better to review and delete your images on a big computer screen where you can accurately check focus (as compared to the small screen on the back of the camera that’s barely half the size of my hand).

You can even save battery power and reduce the risk of accidentally deleting a once in a lifetime shot!

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