There is never enough light.

Although technology is progressing every single day, people always want more.

Right now, in terms of imaging technology, there are still things that need to be improved.

Imaging sensors can be made to capture more detail. They can be made to capture every single hair on this dog for example. Notice how not every hair is sharp:

Alaskan Malamute

Smarter technology can be invented and employed, such as better metering. If the meter of my 5D Mark II was more advanced, my camera would have understood that I didn’t care if the background was blown out (too white) and that I just wanted the dog to be my subject. Of course I could have done spot metering, or exposure compensation, but a more advanced metering system would make things easier.

Moving things also require a faster shutter speed, which in turn cuts down light. (such as cats).


Pets and little kids can be difficult to shoot because they never stop moving! Children, pets or sports require faster shutter speeds to stop the action and get rid of any blur.


So, even if I have a 50mm lens and I set it to a ‘safe’ shutter speed, such as 1/50th of a second, despite getting a correctly metered picture, I’ll probably be getting motion blur. I would have to increase my shutter speed; faster shutter speeds need faster lenses (large apertures, such as f/1.4) or a higher ISO (sensitivity, such as ISO6400) to compensate for the lack of light reaching the camera sensor.

Hence, there are always people asking for breakthroughs in optical designs to get larger apertures and cleaner and higher ISO’s.

The above swimming picture was taken  at a focal length of 190mm with a cropped sensor 7D (which is approximately an effective 300mm on a full frame sensor) at 1/250th of a second at ISO 3200. As you can see, at 1/250th of a second, there is still motion blur. If you notice the pool lane dividers and how they are not blurred, it is evidence that it is clearly not camera shake. (in retrospect, I should have increased the shutter speed along with my ISO to capture the motion).

So yes. There is never enough. But, it seems that people have found ways to overcome these hurdles. So instead of waiting for these ‘breakthroughs’, go out and shoot! Take more pictures so you can get awesome pictures like this one:

ME! :D

(PSSSTT. This picture’s awesome because I’m in it! :D)

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