Huh? What’s “chimping”?!

Chimping is a term that refers to when the person looks at the screen on the back of the camera. The term originates from the sounds that people can make when they review the pictures they took, “Ooohh Ooooh Ahhh Ahhh!”, which resembles the sounds that a chimp makes, hence, ‘chimping’.

I’m not against chimping but I’m sure there are people out there that are. It’s important to check the exposure of the image but it shouldn’t be done so constantly to the extent that you are spending as much time looking at the screen that you’re missing everything that’s happening around you.


If I had chimped when I was taking pictures that day, I wouldn’t have ended up with this image and I would’ve had taken a better picture afterwards. :(

Notice how the picture above isn’t even in focus … not to mention the ibis (bird) is overexposed (too bright). There is absolutely no detail left. It’s blown out (too bright) and you can’t see any feathers … and I think there may be even a little camera shake.

Lesson here is, it’s okay to chimp! :)


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