Changeup? Revamp?

Thinking about revamping the entire website, changing it up!   Look forward in the next few weeks for a complete change up!

Bigger isn’t always better

I recently got a macbook air for my birthday and have been using it quite frequently. My main computer before this was a fully upgraded Macbook Pro 15″ with its 8GB RAM, 2.3GHz i7 Quad core processor, and 256GB SSD. But now I find myself using my macbook air more than my macbook pro. It’s […]

Picture of me!

Picture of me!

Here was a quick snap by me with my new camera 😀 Will be updating more frequently. Watch out for new posts! Better yet, subscribe to my RSS feed!


Thinking of changing up the look of this entire website. On vacation now and thinking of doing a couple of projects … Not sure what yet.   Also thinking about changing up my portfolio page. Going to implement some 500px! 😀 Either way. Happy Holidays! 😀

Quick Intro

Hey. My name’s George Wu and I’m a photographer. I’m a student in Miami currently and I’m serious about my photography. Even though I’m not majoring in anything photography-related, I still do all my photo shoots as if it were a full time job. I shoot both Canon and Nikon, and I am self-taught. Photography […]

Pardon my appearance. I’m under construction.

Pardon my appearance. I'm under construction.

Pardon the appearance of the website currently. It is under construction. If you are looking for photos, you can click “Gallery” on the top right corner.